Cycling Journey #3 – Endurance

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This Journey is about connecting to the power you hold inside and riding strong…building Endurance.

Bom Bom (Radio Edit) – Sam and the Womp (2:54) 65 RPM – Warm up – use this time to loosen your joints and warm your body.  Make sure your bike is connected to the road and you are pushing your pedals to move.  Take a couple of easy turns to increase resistance. Especially when it is cold outside you need to take time to warm up.  The warm up is essential for working hard later.

Don’t Stop the Party – Pitbull (3:26) – 65 RPM – 1 leg drills – Make a strong connection to the pedal stroke.  Even, smooth and fluid. One minute right leg, one minute left leg. Turn up resistance and then hold both legs turning with a strong pedal stroke to the end of the song.

Someone Like You – Adele (4:45) – 65 RPM – slow pedal stroke and increase resistance.  Take 8 small turns to get to the top of the hill. Make it turn gradually into a heavy standing climb.

Ride (Tiësto Remix) – Cary Brothers (7:05) -65 RPM  seated false flat endurance– increase resistance until you reach your threshold.  The point at which mild hyperventilation sets in.  Burn in your legs, burn in your lungs, can only control the rhythm of your breath with focus.  Close your eyes and feel your body working from the inside. Feel your body getting stronger. Hold on and allow the burn to make you work harder.

9 Minute Climb – this is a climb you need to wrap your mind around to make it to the top.  Ride from your core!

The Veldt (Radio Edit) – Deadmau5 (2:50) 65 RPM – start with a standing climb – take a couple of turns to increase resistance then sit and climb – take 4 more increases in resistance.

Little Talks – Of Monsters and Men (4:27) 50 RPM – standing climb – speed surges (o-0:15) (0:55-1:14) (1:50-2:29) (3:05-3:44) Hold the resistance and burst out of the saddle with speed.  Slow pedal stroke as much as needed between each speed surge but stay standing.  On the last interval, give a little increase in resistance at 3:20. This song was chosen as the number one song for 2012 on iTunes.

Ho Hey – The Lumineers (2:43) 70 RPM- heavy climb in 3rd – move your hands into position 3, stretch out your upper body with your chest low.  Turn up the resistance as much as you can take it. This is the top of the hill.  Find a little struggle.  This is the number one album on iTunes for 2012.

Catch My Breath – Kelly Clarkson (4:12) 65 RPM- seated flat road with power intervals – turn resistance up for each interval and power through to lose your breath so you can “Catch your Breath” at the end of the interval. (0:46-1:18) (1:48-2:18) (2:48-3:50). On the last interval, take a second turn at 3:20 and stand to finish the song.

Last Train to Lhasa (Live) – Banco de Gaia (7:08) – 55 RPM – Endurance – Find your threshold, hold your cadence, get down and ride powerful. This song is like a drug…cyclists don’t need dope, they need music!  Be strong and push through until 6:30. This song can be done seated or standing. I like to leave it up to the rider to change positions as they feel.  It is one of the best songs to lose yourself into the music.

7 Minute Climb – build for the first 3:30 and then hold resistance

93 Million Miles – Jason Mraz (3:36) 70 RPM – start standing climb, take 2 out of 7 turns up standing to set the climb and power.  Hold momentum and sit.  Take note of your form, soften the upper body. You are getting tired and so it is important to focus on your form.  7 turns to the end of the song.  Take the 7th turn as the music changes.

Daylight – Maroon 5 (3:46) 60 RPM – Standing climb/Sit on chorus (0:36-1:08) (1:42-2:14) (2:33-3:38) . The last interval take a turn up at 3 and stand to crest the top of the hill.

Faster – Matt Nathanson – (3:28) 50 RPM – Road Speed – make it a strong fast finish. Give a couple of turns of resistance to keep pushing to the end but don’t slow down.

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