Cycling Journey # 2 – Ladder Drills – Rate of Perceived Effort

This Journey is about being aware of the different efforts that you can work at. We call this Rate of Perceived Effort (RPE).  For information on the different Heart Rate Zones and RPE click here. This is a simple scale to follow: RPE Scale RPE       HR                    Description Zone      Zone 0            […]

Converting a Youtube Video to MP3 file

I buy all my music from iTunes. I spend lots of $$$ every time I choreograph a journey. Just in case you wanted to find a way around this or to use songs that are not available for purchase but are available on Youtube, here are the directions: 1) Copy the Youtube link to the […]

Cycling Journey # 1 – 2 loops

November, 2012 This Journey is 2 loops.  I have been teaching it this week and everyone seems to love it.  I added the oldest spin song I know. I never knew the name until I started teaching. Must be some spin teacher secret but I’m going to share it with you.  Best song to finish […]