I spend a great deal of time on each cycling journey I create and each yoga class I teach.  I am always looking for inspiration and ideas to make each and every class an amazing experience for others.  It is about the music, the choreography and the energy you bring into the room.

I have been active my whole life.  From ski racing, tennis, swimming and baseball as a kid, to running, cycling, triathlons and yoga as I grew up.  A few years ago I decided I wanted to make a difference for other people and help them to find passion in cycling and yoga. I earned a Spinning Certification through Schwinn.  I then earned a 500 Hour Yoga Certification through Downward Dog Yoga Studio in Toronto.  I am always trying to build my knowledge.

Our world how we have known it has shifted.  As this shift occurred, I still wanted to share my passion for spin, yoga and core classes.  So I have created a space where you can find them.

I have two amazing daughters and a loving, supportive husband and 2 dogs.  They give me reason to wake up and enjoy every single day.  My days are packed with being a mom, a wife, a marketing consultant, and a spin and yoga instructor.

I wanted to open up and share some of my thoughts and my journeys.

Thank you for being a part of my  journey.





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