Cycling Journey #3 – Endurance

This Journey is about connecting to the power you hold inside and riding strong…building Endurance. Bom Bom (Radio Edit) – Sam and the Womp (2:54) 65 RPM – Warm up – use this time to loosen your joints and warm your body.  Make sure your bike is connected to the road and you are pushing […]

Cycling Journey # 2 – Ladder Drills – Rate of Perceived Effort

This Journey is about being aware of the different efforts that you can work at. We call this Rate of Perceived Effort (RPE).  For information on the different Heart Rate Zones and RPE click here. This is a simple scale to follow: RPE Scale RPE       HR                    Description Zone      Zone 0            […]

Rate of Perceived Effort/Exertion (RPE)

Rate of Perceived Effort/Exertion (RPE). If you have a heart rate monitor then you can be very exact. Most people don’t and you have to FEEL it. There are 5 different zones and 10 levels to rate your effort/exertion: ZONES Zone 1 is a super easy effort, probably a 4/10 on the RPE.  It’s so […]